For the meager few who actually read this blog I appologize.  In case twitter hasn’t hit your household, it is now becoming painfully clear that twitter is the antichrist of the blog religious.  I have a feeling that this blog will turn into a much more periodic yet much more insightful look into my life.

Watch your face

The past month or so has been utter chaos in the most pure form.  Helen split for a backpacking trip while I headed south to the much anticipated Tour of Atlanta.  I was hoping to use the tour as preparation for superweek and some other crits late in the season.  My form came around as I anticipated.  I found myself the first crit day (following a TT that I actually finished well in despit sitting up half way through it) riding at the front of the field following moves from Bernie Sulzberger and Ysvony Falcon.  Riders that last season and even earlier this season I couldn’t consider seeing let alone going toe to toe with.  Either way, the team rode great and my legs were there.  It was going to be a good week of racing.  The following morning I opened my legs up for another crit and soon found the un-fun manner in which to stop your bike….that would be with my face.  Turns out I got my bar hooked on someones seatpost going with a move and soon found myself in an ambulance.  Word is my face broke the fall for my body and I woke up to a pool of blood on the ground next to me and a nice bunch of road rash and a cracked eyebrow.  Nothing some morphine and a few stitches couldn’t fix.

Soon thereafter Helen returned (after a slight detour I made to ohio to visit my sick grandfather) with this lovely sickness brooding.  Long story short, an immune system struggling to repair a ripped up face doesn’t do to well fighting off sickness.  After a few weeks off the bike recovering from the tumble, and another week fighting the death sickness, I thought It would be a great idea to line up for a race….I dnf’d…TWICE!  IN A WEEKEND!  Yeah.  Awesome.  That leads me to my current situation that is thegleaming example of excitement and success.  No fitchburg, no superweek, and pretty much failure as a cyclist.  Well done….  It looks like the next few weeks will be regional racing more than likely in Georgia and North Carolina hopefully ending with Crossroads Cycling classic in NC and the Presbyterian Twilight crit before heading to crit champs!  HOPEFULLY.  If not then it’s time for cyclocross and a season of GIGANTIC proportions.  Simply put, LOTS of UCI racing.

USA Cycling Development Camp

While all of this life chaos was happening myself along with Mark, Kym, Steve Strain and John Kelley headed to Sewannee TN to host the USAC Midsouth Development Camp.  The group was great.  Matt Lipscomb (15yr old phenom) showed some awesome riding and put on a show.  Coming off his Junior Worlds Qualifier win he has some great legs and is heading to europe after nationals.  After three years of working with the camp I really feel this group of kids was the most talented we have ever had.  Several riders are well on their way to being successful elites, including one certain rider who won a stage of the 1,2 Joe Martin Race.  I know that course and how hard it is and I have to say that is an amazing ride.  5 women riders also joined us which is great and shows that womens cycling has a future here in the states.  Overall the weekend was great and I had an opportunity to plant an idea or two in some guys heads that will hopefully help them in the future.  With that being said, in the end one very clear conclusion must be made;  although we had a 36 great riders at camp this year, compared to last years 27, 36 is without a doubt a stress above no other.  Much sleep was lost, and surely a few more gray hairs (plenty exist already) are due to arrive soon.
There really hasn’t been much more going on other than this stuff so sorry to disappoint those looking for more info!  My life is a blackhole of boredom.  I am sorry.  I can’t help it.  I have some awesome news coming that should excite many of you who actually keep up with what is going on in my life.  Until then I have to bite my tongue and keep it to myself.  When it’s a done deal believe me, it will be an awesome announcement!

Until then,



To say the past week has been one would be more than an understatement.  Racing Athens, Roswell, Moving, racing in Nashville, and unpacking has pretty much been my life.  I guess this post qualifies as my first as a true chattanoogan.  Soon you’ll be hearing stories of Meth lab explosions and myself getting chased down a mountain by a hillbilly on a tractor.  Until then I think I have some somewhat worthy events that have taken place over the past week or two.

As I said, the team raced athens two weeks ago and put on a clinic in the amature race taking both the wins in the amature qualifier and finals.  E Murphy rode as he always does, like a maniac and managed to pick up both the wins.  I made a very stupid mistake in the qualifier though.  Thinking it was the final lap I jumped away through the two high speed tight corners only to find out that in fact it was two laps remaining.  Yay for lactate filled legs in a field sprint.  Between races the team spent some time at our sweet expo tent that Caffeine cafe was serving up free espresso.  I am pretty sure for those riding near me in the race that evening, the sweet aroma of brewing coffee was infact the lovely java seeping from my pores, not the course side coffee shop in turn four.  Sorry to tell ya!  That evening the team raced flawlessly and my legs were feeling really good.  Eric managed to roll up the road in a two man break (note that he won the same way last year).  With four laps to go it was evident the two were staying away.  The field was getting scary so I made my way to the front (sorry for those I dive bombed in the corners) and kept the pace high enough to limit the attacks and to set our boys up for some good sprinting.  I rolled in 16 after a scary little wreck in the final corner on the last lap.  Nothing like coming out of the final corner seeing your teammate raising the hands for the win.

The next day after heading to winder to enjoy some spectating of the girls mountain bike race, the team headed to Roswell for the Pro crit there.  140+ riders lined up and I think 99 finished.  The team finished alright.  I have to give crazy props to Ryan and Oneil who were at the front most of the day working into moves.  I made my way up there and tried my hand in a pair of moves and realized the difference in typical racing and pro big money crits.  No time soon will I look to get into a move with Mark Heckman and Karl Menzies…wowsers.  In the end I rolled in 49th.  Not sure where all our guys finished but I know Oneil rolled in for a very respectable 19th. I felt completely fine in the race and only once really found myself in bad enough position to be worried.  I can honestly say this race was the first time I realized I may actually be alright at this whole bike racing thing and could possibly make something happen from it.  POSSIBLY being the key word there.  Here are some pictures from Roswell Pro/Am

Me following big Murphey of ouch around…

Sullivan up front:

Moving Oneil up:

Diving outside of Craig Dodson (Richmond Pro TALL guy) and Ysvony Falcon (Champion Porche):

Jumping with the Kelly Benefits dude, getting ready to get punk slapped by Karl Menzies (who’s on my wheel):

For now, things are just now getting organized here at the new apartment.  I only have two boxes left to pick through then I am technically moved in.  The training last week was pretty much horrible so this week is a kick in the nuts to my fitness, at the end of today I will have about 9-10 hours worth of riding in over the two days.  Yesterday was a pretty awesome day out alone with two mountain climbs and over 4000 KJ worth of work.  Good thing Helen’s mom makes some STELLAR food because I needed it.  Tonight is tuesday night slugfest which is really going to not feel good after yesterdays deathmarch then it’s off to the Jackson’s yet againt o see my girl and to try out the new icecream shop opening here.  The same people that founded spill the beans in Greenville moved here and are starting a similar shop here downtown.  If I could explain how excited I am you still wouldn’t understand.  So I won’t waste my time or yours doing so.

Back to unpacking.  Considering I don’t have cable, I would look for some blog whoring here soon with nothing better to do with my time. 


For those of you that don’t know, Athens Twilight is just around the corner.  Friday I head down to Athens to do a school visit with the team which is always a blast then it’s off to watch computrainer qualifiers.  I had the option to do the pro race but in all honesty I would rather get the training out of racing twice in a day.  Looks like Eric, Thad, Cleve and I will be holding down the amateur race for the team with Ryan, Oneal, and Nick heading into the crashfest night race.  After that it’s off to Winder to watch Helen race and back to Greenville Sunday night to finish loading the truck for the move monday morning. 

Last weekend Thad and I made it down to Charleston for two days of crit racing and I have to tell you it was a good bunch of racing and an awesome weekend with everyone.  Thad won the first days crit and I had some tough luck in the final corner finishing one spot out of the money because of it.  A night out with Jackie, Jordan Humble, Rich Harper and a bunch of the Mountain Khaki guys.  The next day was a blast of a course.  Very few technical corners, super fast (30+ mph), and warm weather meant the racing was going to be agressive.  Thad and I played things perfect and with half a lap to go I was set up perfectly for the sprint on the Jittery Joes leadout train.  They simply wouldn’t make the last half of the lap fast enough and Thad went to the front and layed it down for me.  Sadly the last corner again proved unlucky for me as I got chopped.  Tough luck I guess.  To soften the disappointment I ended up second in the state championship which made it a bit of a conciliation prize.

Considering the next few days are simply chaos I wanted to get an update up.  Until later enjoy the pictures.

Good write up from the weekend of racing in Chattanooga.  Thanks to whoever wrote the article for not clearly saying I fell to pieces after being “gobbled up” by the field.  I really appreciate it.

Check it out here

As for other stuff there really isn’t much going on.  There is a chance of snow for my ride this morning then it’s supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow.  Strange.  Also, April 27 I am officially a chattanoogan.  Signed the lease this weekend and will be living on the FOURTH floor.  Jeeeez.  At least my apartment is 1 mile from a mountain!  One more exciting thing to note.  Helen raced in Sauley (not sure if thats how you spell it) this weekend and in only her third race (second actually racing at full health) she finished second.  What can I say, my girlfriend is a badass.  more to come later.  Until then, I am off to drink some more coffee and pedal.


So I just realized that twitter has simply layed the smackdown on my site posts here lately so I thought I would catch up.  Today marked the tour of Flanders weekend so needless to say I have been pretty excited.  Before I get to my prediction (yes I know the race is over, and NO I HAVE NOT checked results) I thought I would chat about the team.  Simply put, we have been crushing things here in the southeast.  Last weekend the team hit up the Gainesville Georgia cup race weekend.  Some crazy hell-on-earth storms forced the promoter to cancel the crit (which is my favorite local crit to do here in the southeast) and plan a super-epic 100+ miles of double races on sunday.  The races went well going 1,2,3 in the circuit, and 1 and 4 in the rr, taking first, third, and fourth I believe in the overall.  I got blown out the back of the final race of the day which has pretty much been common practice far too often this season.  Oh well.  Third weekend of racing this season.  That’s no big surprise for a guy wanting to be crushing it in July and October….

This weekend was the Chattanooga Georgia cup.  Although not really in georgia, somehow it qualifies as georgia in terms of racing I suppose.  In the end both house people of very interesting accents, rural meth labs, and mountains.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Somehow I managed to ride a mediocre TT this weekend splitting the field.  Last night’s crit was retardedly fast (as all racing seems to be these days—27+ mph).  There were some solid riders here and we managed to ride as planned.  In the end the foreigners finished 1 and 3 putting the team 2,3 in the overall.  I felt alright, a little flat, and managed to cover as many moves as possible.  Skinny man Dave Talbott was hitting it.  There’s something wrong with something so skinny going so fast.  What can I say, natural talent is a nice thing to have…I wouldn’t know.  Today the RR  was what it always is, windy and painful.  Team plan was to cover early moves, keep our GC boys safe, and keep things in check.  I got in an early move with ex-teammate, and fellow anti-climber Ben Gabardi and picked up the first KOM.  5-10 miles later we were bridged to by a group the field didn’t want to get away and were swollowed up.  A few more attacks went in and I followed wheels to yet another move.  E Murphey (aka team director and firecracker cricket legs) came across with another guy and quickly we built up a big gap.  I felt solid and was able to help on the downhill sections keeping the speed up.  Tragedy struck when I realized that 1. I had no food, and 2. I had no drink and 3. My legs were on fire.  A group of three more came across just before the KOM and luckily it had another teammate in it.  I managed to hold the extraordinary amounts of vomit brooding in my gut down as a completely blew dave pieces all over the side of the road as I fell to pieces like a leper.  The meltdown continued for the next 20+ miles as I begged person after person in the field for food of some sort.  No one really took sympathy.  The final time up the KOM I got blown out the back like a wet bag of hammers yet somehow managed to chase back on the decent only to be blown out the back for the next four uphills on the course.  Eventually we hit the hell hill roller and my day was done.  I finished with the field in sight but pissed as could be.  Nothing like getting in the race winning move, getting dropped, getting in the chase, getting dropped, getting in the field getting dropped chasing back then getting dropped 4 more times.  Dangit.

The next few weeks will be race free until twilight.  I can hope and pray and hope some more that I make the speedweek crit team and get to race the big crits I have been hoping to race this season.  If this weekend is what the choice is made off of, I am totally screwed so maybe, just maybe more will go into the decision.

In life news, I signed my lease here in Chatt and will kind of be forced to live here for the next year starting in late april.  Can you tell I am pissed?

as for now, Flanders is coming on in 6 minutes and I can barely contain myself.  I don’t know how to make frites so in celebration I am having poopy american beer and tostitoes (which are baked not fried and further create a gap from said frites).  At least I tried.  My prediction, as hard thought as it is, isn’t what I wish would happen.  Although I would like to see A): tom boonen rip everyone’s legs off, or B): Philip Gilbert finally get a big win, my gut says Heinrich Haussler is unstoppable right now and has a big ride in his legs.  If I am wrong it doesn’t matter.  The race is amazing.  Its a Belgian super-classic.  How could it be anything less?  An considering Belgium makes me think of cross even more, heres to you Belgium.  Cheers.


I think it's broken???

I think it's broken???

Bad weekends of racing are never fun.  Got dropped, twice, after a SUPER hard week on the bike.  Surprise.  Maybe soon I will have enough time to write a post on this site.  Until then, this is what I saw this weekend.  A teammate hit a tree and broke his nose in the pouring rain that I couldn’t warm up in to save my life and then I had to climb a freaking mountain twice.  Yeah.  Didn’t go to well for TFK member Hutton!  It could have been worse, I could have been sandy, or chris (who crashed in the final corner in perfect position to win) or mr. Mike stone who also trashed himself in the rain.  Either way the weekend was stupid and I am more than excited it is over.

On a better note, we took second in the road race so the weekend wasn’t a total bust.  Until I have the time to write a post enjoy the pictures. 

Next weekend looks like a nice weather weekend of long rides and camping in Pisgha (Check spelling….).



Until the real post; Ciao,


Sitting in Chattanooga, sipping coffee, and looking outside watching the trees blow from the sub-40 degree weather and 30 mph gusting wind is pretty much my morning this morning.  Soon I’ll pack my stuff up to head downtown and meet Helen for a ride to hopefully get her body to remember how to pedal from time off after she took a bender at Raccoon three weeks ago.  My fault.  I’m a horrible boyfriend.  Now, much to my surprise I am getting pulled out in epic weather for the third day because she is getting cabin fever the week before her first race and wants to pedal.  If she weren’t the epitome of work ethic I would probobly be sitting here three hours, five cups of coffee, and two or three pieces of her mothers “Helens Celestial Cake” later having accomplished nothing.  Instead.  I will go freeze and ride with her.  I thought I moved so I didn’t have to do weather like this

Speaking of moving.  I hate doing what I am doing right now.  Wandering aimlessly around chattanooga talking to landlords and collecting numbers from “for rent” signs while having the school tell me they are going to milk a second semester out of me for “senior semanar” and required 3-400 level classes that don’t mean jack for my major is just a hoot.  let me tell you.  BUT, I have to say as week by week passes by I am getting more and more excited about the move and what is ahead for me here.  Not only will I be satisfied once I find a place to actually lay my head at night, but it sounds like I may actually get a JOB…you heard me correctly.  A JOB!  My hope is that I can actually afford to live somewhat comfortably without slipping more deeply into my debt-laden pitty pool!  Well see what happens. 

In the racing world, I kick off the road season next weekend and it looks like it will be a toss-up between atlanta and a crit/road race or greenville and the epic River Falls road race the day before the BMW circuit race.  My bet is Atlanta but I guess well have to wait and see.  Then it’s back to chattanooga for spring break and training my rear off!  Everything is coming together and my motivation and confidence is finally starting to come around.  Looks like a great season is in store!  

 As for now the coffee has run dry, the wind just started blowing harder, and I for some reason and actually motivated to get up from the computer and go ride my bike.  4 hours ( one with Helen and three or so with Kym at Prentice Cooper SP on the MTB’s to stay warm) sounds like an awesome day!  I don’t even get paid to do this… GEEEZ!  Oh well, at least I convince myself it’s fun every once in a while! 

P.S.  If anyone wants to make this kid WAY too happy get me these for cross season next year.  wow…

CX pit boots from Vanilla!

CX pit boots from Vanilla!







Until later,


Seriously though, I know where my brother and I will be April 3rd.

Yeah… throwback to old times!

Until later,


I figured since school is being payed for by me (and family) that I am obligated to accomplish the most I can while in class.  I couldn’t think of a way to be more productive than to update the site while sitting in photojournalism.  Multi-tasking is my super power, what can I say.  Anyway, there are a few changes to the site coming soon.  One big change has already been added.  I have set up a paypal account to help support my cyclocross stint this season.  I am attempting to do as many UCI cyclocross races as possible this season in hope of gaining a some sort of UCI point for nationals in December.  With the team this year the pressure is off a bit, and I will truly be focusing on cross as best I can in 09-2010 season and any help I can get from friends or family would be great.  Also, if you know of any shops, or company connections that may possibly want to help me out I would appreciate ANY help ANYONE can provide.   

Check the “Donate to the RACE fund” page at the top and follow the link to my paypal donation page.  You can pay via paypal if you have an account, or you can pay securely by credit card or follow this link to the page, look at the schedule I am hoping to have and support the case by clicking on DONATE.

Finally, I have some new pictures popping up so I will be updating the photos page as soon as possible.


Thanks everyone for the support.  The start of the 09 season is just a little more than two weeks away!

until later,


Nothing like 3 days and over 400 k of riding to get the legs a little worn out.  team p/b United Healthcare kicked off the season this week with an unofficial team camp here in Greenville.  The simple version of the camp is that we rode no less than four hours for three days in a row, including a five hour warm weather ride up some monsterously steep “Thad Dulin” climbs ending with a slugfest up Paris, and a six hour death march up and over Ceasars head. 

It was a great weekend for me personally.  I rode well, although not as well as some, and the weekend as a whole really motivated me.  Theres something about seeing your teammates work their rears off that lights a fire under your rump.  I really feel the team we had at camp would be one to reckon with.  Add the guys who aren’t here yet and things get a little crazy in the southeast.  The most interesting part of the team this season is that we all get along…REALLY well.  It’s always been a normal practice to find myself riding with my “mini clique” on group rides.  This team is quite different in the sense that over the course of 5 or 6 hours of riding I could talk to any of the guys on the team and be able to tolerate it.  I know it sounds trivial but really, I think this team is actually going to be able to function without wanting to kill each other by the end of the season, and have a hell of a time doing it along the way.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Above all, I want to throw out the official thank you to our sponsors for this season before it gets under way., United Health Care, Industry Nine, Caffe:ine cafe, the Hub Bicycles in Athens, Glory Cycles in Florida, and Smyrna Bikes in Georgia, Blue Competition Cycles, Serfas, Louis Garneau, Northwave, Maxxis, Tifosi Sunglasses, SRAM  and Fizik saddles.  Without the contributions of these sponsors our success wouldn’t be possible.  From the broke college kid in need of any help he can get right now, really….thank you for everything!

The next few weeks are looking kind of interesting.  I am trying to decide if I want to kick off my racing a little early and make the trip down to sunny, warm florida for some crit racing, or delay the inevitable until march…Choices choices.  I guess that is both the benefit and downfall of living in the southeast.  70 degree weather rolls in and all of a sudden your legs go, “YO, lets go fast playa” so you get on the bike and race, race, race until december and then get fat for a month and a half until you have to do it again!  Gotta love it.

Finally, I will draw this super lengthy post to a close with some life news.  I head to chaTTanooga this weekend to hit up the last little bit of apartment shopping and job searching and hopefully sit down to chat about how much longer I can draw my education out at UTC to avoid entering the black hole of a working world we have right now.  Wish me luck.  Lastly, look for a paypal donation tab to pop up soon on the site.  I am going to kick off a “Dave Hutton Race Fund” donation account for cross this coming season.  My racing will be going as far as my finances will take me, and I am even kicking around venturing to Europe to learn a thing or two if the money supports it.  I would love to do a lot of UCI racing this season in preparation for my nationals.  I can use all the help I can get. 

Here are a few photos from our hard work and good times this weekend.  Good times.

Until Later,


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