Nothing like 3 days and over 400 k of riding to get the legs a little worn out.  team p/b United Healthcare kicked off the season this week with an unofficial team camp here in Greenville.  The simple version of the camp is that we rode no less than four hours for three days in a row, including a five hour warm weather ride up some monsterously steep “Thad Dulin” climbs ending with a slugfest up Paris, and a six hour death march up and over Ceasars head. 

It was a great weekend for me personally.  I rode well, although not as well as some, and the weekend as a whole really motivated me.  Theres something about seeing your teammates work their rears off that lights a fire under your rump.  I really feel the team we had at camp would be one to reckon with.  Add the guys who aren’t here yet and things get a little crazy in the southeast.  The most interesting part of the team this season is that we all get along…REALLY well.  It’s always been a normal practice to find myself riding with my “mini clique” on group rides.  This team is quite different in the sense that over the course of 5 or 6 hours of riding I could talk to any of the guys on the team and be able to tolerate it.  I know it sounds trivial but really, I think this team is actually going to be able to function without wanting to kill each other by the end of the season, and have a hell of a time doing it along the way.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Above all, I want to throw out the official thank you to our sponsors for this season before it gets under way., United Health Care, Industry Nine, Caffe:ine cafe, the Hub Bicycles in Athens, Glory Cycles in Florida, and Smyrna Bikes in Georgia, Blue Competition Cycles, Serfas, Louis Garneau, Northwave, Maxxis, Tifosi Sunglasses, SRAM  and Fizik saddles.  Without the contributions of these sponsors our success wouldn’t be possible.  From the broke college kid in need of any help he can get right now, really….thank you for everything!

The next few weeks are looking kind of interesting.  I am trying to decide if I want to kick off my racing a little early and make the trip down to sunny, warm florida for some crit racing, or delay the inevitable until march…Choices choices.  I guess that is both the benefit and downfall of living in the southeast.  70 degree weather rolls in and all of a sudden your legs go, “YO, lets go fast playa” so you get on the bike and race, race, race until december and then get fat for a month and a half until you have to do it again!  Gotta love it.

Finally, I will draw this super lengthy post to a close with some life news.  I head to chaTTanooga this weekend to hit up the last little bit of apartment shopping and job searching and hopefully sit down to chat about how much longer I can draw my education out at UTC to avoid entering the black hole of a working world we have right now.  Wish me luck.  Lastly, look for a paypal donation tab to pop up soon on the site.  I am going to kick off a “Dave Hutton Race Fund” donation account for cross this coming season.  My racing will be going as far as my finances will take me, and I am even kicking around venturing to Europe to learn a thing or two if the money supports it.  I would love to do a lot of UCI racing this season in preparation for my nationals.  I can use all the help I can get. 

Here are a few photos from our hard work and good times this weekend.  Good times.

Until Later,