I figured since school is being payed for by me (and family) that I am obligated to accomplish the most I can while in class.  I couldn’t think of a way to be more productive than to update the site while sitting in photojournalism.  Multi-tasking is my super power, what can I say.  Anyway, there are a few changes to the site coming soon.  One big change has already been added.  I have set up a paypal account to help support my cyclocross stint this season.  I am attempting to do as many UCI cyclocross races as possible this season in hope of gaining a some sort of UCI point for nationals in December.  With the team this year the pressure is off a bit, and I will truly be focusing on cross as best I can in 09-2010 season and any help I can get from friends or family would be great.  Also, if you know of any shops, or company connections that may possibly want to help me out I would appreciate ANY help ANYONE can provide.   

Check the “Donate to the RACE fund” page at the top and follow the link to my paypal donation page.  You can pay via paypal if you have an account, or you can pay securely by credit card or follow this link to the page, look at the schedule I am hoping to have and support the case by clicking on DONATE.

Finally, I have some new pictures popping up so I will be updating the photos page as soon as possible.


Thanks everyone for the support.  The start of the 09 season is just a little more than two weeks away!

until later,