Sitting in Chattanooga, sipping coffee, and looking outside watching the trees blow from the sub-40 degree weather and 30 mph gusting wind is pretty much my morning this morning.  Soon I’ll pack my stuff up to head downtown and meet Helen for a ride to hopefully get her body to remember how to pedal from time off after she took a bender at Raccoon three weeks ago.  My fault.  I’m a horrible boyfriend.  Now, much to my surprise I am getting pulled out in epic weather for the third day because she is getting cabin fever the week before her first race and wants to pedal.  If she weren’t the epitome of work ethic I would probobly be sitting here three hours, five cups of coffee, and two or three pieces of her mothers “Helens Celestial Cake” later having accomplished nothing.  Instead.  I will go freeze and ride with her.  I thought I moved so I didn’t have to do weather like this

Speaking of moving.  I hate doing what I am doing right now.  Wandering aimlessly around chattanooga talking to landlords and collecting numbers from “for rent” signs while having the school tell me they are going to milk a second semester out of me for “senior semanar” and required 3-400 level classes that don’t mean jack for my major is just a hoot.  let me tell you.  BUT, I have to say as week by week passes by I am getting more and more excited about the move and what is ahead for me here.  Not only will I be satisfied once I find a place to actually lay my head at night, but it sounds like I may actually get a JOB…you heard me correctly.  A JOB!  My hope is that I can actually afford to live somewhat comfortably without slipping more deeply into my debt-laden pitty pool!  Well see what happens. 

In the racing world, I kick off the road season next weekend and it looks like it will be a toss-up between atlanta and a crit/road race or greenville and the epic River Falls road race the day before the BMW circuit race.  My bet is Atlanta but I guess well have to wait and see.  Then it’s back to chattanooga for spring break and training my rear off!  Everything is coming together and my motivation and confidence is finally starting to come around.  Looks like a great season is in store!  

 As for now the coffee has run dry, the wind just started blowing harder, and I for some reason and actually motivated to get up from the computer and go ride my bike.  4 hours ( one with Helen and three or so with Kym at Prentice Cooper SP on the MTB’s to stay warm) sounds like an awesome day!  I don’t even get paid to do this… GEEEZ!  Oh well, at least I convince myself it’s fun every once in a while! 

P.S.  If anyone wants to make this kid WAY too happy get me these for cross season next year.  wow…

CX pit boots from Vanilla!

CX pit boots from Vanilla!







Until later,