I think it's broken???

I think it's broken???

Bad weekends of racing are never fun.  Got dropped, twice, after a SUPER hard week on the bike.  Surprise.  Maybe soon I will have enough time to write a post on this site.  Until then, this is what I saw this weekend.  A teammate hit a tree and broke his nose in the pouring rain that I couldn’t warm up in to save my life and then I had to climb a freaking mountain twice.  Yeah.  Didn’t go to well for TFK member Hutton!  It could have been worse, I could have been sandy, or chris (who crashed in the final corner in perfect position to win) or mr. Mike stone who also trashed himself in the rain.  Either way the weekend was stupid and I am more than excited it is over.

On a better note, we took second in the road race so the weekend wasn’t a total bust.  Until I have the time to write a post enjoy the pictures. 

Next weekend looks like a nice weather weekend of long rides and camping in Pisgha (Check spelling….).



Until the real post; Ciao,