So I just realized that twitter has simply layed the smackdown on my site posts here lately so I thought I would catch up.  Today marked the tour of Flanders weekend so needless to say I have been pretty excited.  Before I get to my prediction (yes I know the race is over, and NO I HAVE NOT checked results) I thought I would chat about the team.  Simply put, we have been crushing things here in the southeast.  Last weekend the team hit up the Gainesville Georgia cup race weekend.  Some crazy hell-on-earth storms forced the promoter to cancel the crit (which is my favorite local crit to do here in the southeast) and plan a super-epic 100+ miles of double races on sunday.  The races went well going 1,2,3 in the circuit, and 1 and 4 in the rr, taking first, third, and fourth I believe in the overall.  I got blown out the back of the final race of the day which has pretty much been common practice far too often this season.  Oh well.  Third weekend of racing this season.  That’s no big surprise for a guy wanting to be crushing it in July and October….

This weekend was the Chattanooga Georgia cup.  Although not really in georgia, somehow it qualifies as georgia in terms of racing I suppose.  In the end both house people of very interesting accents, rural meth labs, and mountains.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Somehow I managed to ride a mediocre TT this weekend splitting the field.  Last night’s crit was retardedly fast (as all racing seems to be these days—27+ mph).  There were some solid riders here and we managed to ride as planned.  In the end the foreigners finished 1 and 3 putting the team 2,3 in the overall.  I felt alright, a little flat, and managed to cover as many moves as possible.  Skinny man Dave Talbott was hitting it.  There’s something wrong with something so skinny going so fast.  What can I say, natural talent is a nice thing to have…I wouldn’t know.  Today the RR  was what it always is, windy and painful.  Team plan was to cover early moves, keep our GC boys safe, and keep things in check.  I got in an early move with ex-teammate, and fellow anti-climber Ben Gabardi and picked up the first KOM.  5-10 miles later we were bridged to by a group the field didn’t want to get away and were swollowed up.  A few more attacks went in and I followed wheels to yet another move.  E Murphey (aka team director and firecracker cricket legs) came across with another guy and quickly we built up a big gap.  I felt solid and was able to help on the downhill sections keeping the speed up.  Tragedy struck when I realized that 1. I had no food, and 2. I had no drink and 3. My legs were on fire.  A group of three more came across just before the KOM and luckily it had another teammate in it.  I managed to hold the extraordinary amounts of vomit brooding in my gut down as a completely blew dave pieces all over the side of the road as I fell to pieces like a leper.  The meltdown continued for the next 20+ miles as I begged person after person in the field for food of some sort.  No one really took sympathy.  The final time up the KOM I got blown out the back like a wet bag of hammers yet somehow managed to chase back on the decent only to be blown out the back for the next four uphills on the course.  Eventually we hit the hell hill roller and my day was done.  I finished with the field in sight but pissed as could be.  Nothing like getting in the race winning move, getting dropped, getting in the chase, getting dropped, getting in the field getting dropped chasing back then getting dropped 4 more times.  Dangit.

The next few weeks will be race free until twilight.  I can hope and pray and hope some more that I make the speedweek crit team and get to race the big crits I have been hoping to race this season.  If this weekend is what the choice is made off of, I am totally screwed so maybe, just maybe more will go into the decision.

In life news, I signed my lease here in Chatt and will kind of be forced to live here for the next year starting in late april.  Can you tell I am pissed?

as for now, Flanders is coming on in 6 minutes and I can barely contain myself.  I don’t know how to make frites so in celebration I am having poopy american beer and tostitoes (which are baked not fried and further create a gap from said frites).  At least I tried.  My prediction, as hard thought as it is, isn’t what I wish would happen.  Although I would like to see A): tom boonen rip everyone’s legs off, or B): Philip Gilbert finally get a big win, my gut says Heinrich Haussler is unstoppable right now and has a big ride in his legs.  If I am wrong it doesn’t matter.  The race is amazing.  Its a Belgian super-classic.  How could it be anything less?  An considering Belgium makes me think of cross even more, heres to you Belgium.  Cheers.