Good write up from the weekend of racing in Chattanooga.  Thanks to whoever wrote the article for not clearly saying I fell to pieces after being “gobbled up” by the field.  I really appreciate it.

Check it out here

As for other stuff there really isn’t much going on.  There is a chance of snow for my ride this morning then it’s supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow.  Strange.  Also, April 27 I am officially a chattanoogan.  Signed the lease this weekend and will be living on the FOURTH floor.  Jeeeez.  At least my apartment is 1 mile from a mountain!  One more exciting thing to note.  Helen raced in Sauley (not sure if thats how you spell it) this weekend and in only her third race (second actually racing at full health) she finished second.  What can I say, my girlfriend is a badass.  more to come later.  Until then, I am off to drink some more coffee and pedal.