For those of you that don’t know, Athens Twilight is just around the corner.  Friday I head down to Athens to do a school visit with the team which is always a blast then it’s off to watch computrainer qualifiers.  I had the option to do the pro race but in all honesty I would rather get the training out of racing twice in a day.  Looks like Eric, Thad, Cleve and I will be holding down the amateur race for the team with Ryan, Oneal, and Nick heading into the crashfest night race.  After that it’s off to Winder to watch Helen race and back to Greenville Sunday night to finish loading the truck for the move monday morning. 

Last weekend Thad and I made it down to Charleston for two days of crit racing and I have to tell you it was a good bunch of racing and an awesome weekend with everyone.  Thad won the first days crit and I had some tough luck in the final corner finishing one spot out of the money because of it.  A night out with Jackie, Jordan Humble, Rich Harper and a bunch of the Mountain Khaki guys.  The next day was a blast of a course.  Very few technical corners, super fast (30+ mph), and warm weather meant the racing was going to be agressive.  Thad and I played things perfect and with half a lap to go I was set up perfectly for the sprint on the Jittery Joes leadout train.  They simply wouldn’t make the last half of the lap fast enough and Thad went to the front and layed it down for me.  Sadly the last corner again proved unlucky for me as I got chopped.  Tough luck I guess.  To soften the disappointment I ended up second in the state championship which made it a bit of a conciliation prize.

Considering the next few days are simply chaos I wanted to get an update up.  Until later enjoy the pictures.