To say the past week has been one would be more than an understatement.  Racing Athens, Roswell, Moving, racing in Nashville, and unpacking has pretty much been my life.  I guess this post qualifies as my first as a true chattanoogan.  Soon you’ll be hearing stories of Meth lab explosions and myself getting chased down a mountain by a hillbilly on a tractor.  Until then I think I have some somewhat worthy events that have taken place over the past week or two.

As I said, the team raced athens two weeks ago and put on a clinic in the amature race taking both the wins in the amature qualifier and finals.  E Murphy rode as he always does, like a maniac and managed to pick up both the wins.  I made a very stupid mistake in the qualifier though.  Thinking it was the final lap I jumped away through the two high speed tight corners only to find out that in fact it was two laps remaining.  Yay for lactate filled legs in a field sprint.  Between races the team spent some time at our sweet expo tent that Caffeine cafe was serving up free espresso.  I am pretty sure for those riding near me in the race that evening, the sweet aroma of brewing coffee was infact the lovely java seeping from my pores, not the course side coffee shop in turn four.  Sorry to tell ya!  That evening the team raced flawlessly and my legs were feeling really good.  Eric managed to roll up the road in a two man break (note that he won the same way last year).  With four laps to go it was evident the two were staying away.  The field was getting scary so I made my way to the front (sorry for those I dive bombed in the corners) and kept the pace high enough to limit the attacks and to set our boys up for some good sprinting.  I rolled in 16 after a scary little wreck in the final corner on the last lap.  Nothing like coming out of the final corner seeing your teammate raising the hands for the win.

The next day after heading to winder to enjoy some spectating of the girls mountain bike race, the team headed to Roswell for the Pro crit there.  140+ riders lined up and I think 99 finished.  The team finished alright.  I have to give crazy props to Ryan and Oneil who were at the front most of the day working into moves.  I made my way up there and tried my hand in a pair of moves and realized the difference in typical racing and pro big money crits.  No time soon will I look to get into a move with Mark Heckman and Karl Menzies…wowsers.  In the end I rolled in 49th.  Not sure where all our guys finished but I know Oneil rolled in for a very respectable 19th. I felt completely fine in the race and only once really found myself in bad enough position to be worried.  I can honestly say this race was the first time I realized I may actually be alright at this whole bike racing thing and could possibly make something happen from it.  POSSIBLY being the key word there.  Here are some pictures from Roswell Pro/Am

Me following big Murphey of ouch around…

Sullivan up front:

Moving Oneil up:

Diving outside of Craig Dodson (Richmond Pro TALL guy) and Ysvony Falcon (Champion Porche):

Jumping with the Kelly Benefits dude, getting ready to get punk slapped by Karl Menzies (who’s on my wheel):

For now, things are just now getting organized here at the new apartment.  I only have two boxes left to pick through then I am technically moved in.  The training last week was pretty much horrible so this week is a kick in the nuts to my fitness, at the end of today I will have about 9-10 hours worth of riding in over the two days.  Yesterday was a pretty awesome day out alone with two mountain climbs and over 4000 KJ worth of work.  Good thing Helen’s mom makes some STELLAR food because I needed it.  Tonight is tuesday night slugfest which is really going to not feel good after yesterdays deathmarch then it’s off to the Jackson’s yet againt o see my girl and to try out the new icecream shop opening here.  The same people that founded spill the beans in Greenville moved here and are starting a similar shop here downtown.  If I could explain how excited I am you still wouldn’t understand.  So I won’t waste my time or yours doing so.

Back to unpacking.  Considering I don’t have cable, I would look for some blog whoring here soon with nothing better to do with my time.