For the meager few who actually read this blog I appologize.  In case twitter hasn’t hit your household, it is now becoming painfully clear that twitter is the antichrist of the blog religious.  I have a feeling that this blog will turn into a much more periodic yet much more insightful look into my life.

Watch your face

The past month or so has been utter chaos in the most pure form.  Helen split for a backpacking trip while I headed south to the much anticipated Tour of Atlanta.  I was hoping to use the tour as preparation for superweek and some other crits late in the season.  My form came around as I anticipated.  I found myself the first crit day (following a TT that I actually finished well in despit sitting up half way through it) riding at the front of the field following moves from Bernie Sulzberger and Ysvony Falcon.  Riders that last season and even earlier this season I couldn’t consider seeing let alone going toe to toe with.  Either way, the team rode great and my legs were there.  It was going to be a good week of racing.  The following morning I opened my legs up for another crit and soon found the un-fun manner in which to stop your bike….that would be with my face.  Turns out I got my bar hooked on someones seatpost going with a move and soon found myself in an ambulance.  Word is my face broke the fall for my body and I woke up to a pool of blood on the ground next to me and a nice bunch of road rash and a cracked eyebrow.  Nothing some morphine and a few stitches couldn’t fix.

Soon thereafter Helen returned (after a slight detour I made to ohio to visit my sick grandfather) with this lovely sickness brooding.  Long story short, an immune system struggling to repair a ripped up face doesn’t do to well fighting off sickness.  After a few weeks off the bike recovering from the tumble, and another week fighting the death sickness, I thought It would be a great idea to line up for a race….I dnf’d…TWICE!  IN A WEEKEND!  Yeah.  Awesome.  That leads me to my current situation that is thegleaming example of excitement and success.  No fitchburg, no superweek, and pretty much failure as a cyclist.  Well done….  It looks like the next few weeks will be regional racing more than likely in Georgia and North Carolina hopefully ending with Crossroads Cycling classic in NC and the Presbyterian Twilight crit before heading to crit champs!  HOPEFULLY.  If not then it’s time for cyclocross and a season of GIGANTIC proportions.  Simply put, LOTS of UCI racing.

USA Cycling Development Camp

While all of this life chaos was happening myself along with Mark, Kym, Steve Strain and John Kelley headed to Sewannee TN to host the USAC Midsouth Development Camp.  The group was great.  Matt Lipscomb (15yr old phenom) showed some awesome riding and put on a show.  Coming off his Junior Worlds Qualifier win he has some great legs and is heading to europe after nationals.  After three years of working with the camp I really feel this group of kids was the most talented we have ever had.  Several riders are well on their way to being successful elites, including one certain rider who won a stage of the 1,2 Joe Martin Race.  I know that course and how hard it is and I have to say that is an amazing ride.  5 women riders also joined us which is great and shows that womens cycling has a future here in the states.  Overall the weekend was great and I had an opportunity to plant an idea or two in some guys heads that will hopefully help them in the future.  With that being said, in the end one very clear conclusion must be made;  although we had a 36 great riders at camp this year, compared to last years 27, 36 is without a doubt a stress above no other.  Much sleep was lost, and surely a few more gray hairs (plenty exist already) are due to arrive soon.
There really hasn’t been much more going on other than this stuff so sorry to disappoint those looking for more info!  My life is a blackhole of boredom.  I am sorry.  I can’t help it.  I have some awesome news coming that should excite many of you who actually keep up with what is going on in my life.  Until then I have to bite my tongue and keep it to myself.  When it’s a done deal believe me, it will be an awesome announcement!

Until then,