A quick update to everyone.  Team Myogenesis.com p/b United Healthcare’s site has been updated with yet another recap of Mr. Cleve Blackwell and I’s success in Chattanooga’s cross-a-nooga.  Check out the elite team blog on the site here!  


Considering I am sitting in class it may be smart to stray from a lengthy post.  Look for some updates in the near future as our team camp/weekend of debauchery kicks off on friday.  Sadly today will end up being a partial trainer ride as a winter front has moved in.  Single digit win chills rock less than a month from the start of racing!  At least it’s not the 7 inches of snow my family got in the tundra of Ohio.  I think it’s safe to say thank GOD I don’t live there any more.


Hopefully soon I will have some more info on the move to chattanooga.  Again, keep your fingers crossed and check back for some team camp updates and photos!  Also, check out the new twitter.  I had never planned on doing such a redundant thing but in all honesty, it’s a great way to keep some family and people who actually care about me and my mundane life up to date.  Not to mention it keeps me from having to talk on my phone as much.  Check it out and take a look at some others I am following!  


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Fizik is the official saddle sponsor of team myogenesis.com p/b United Healthcare for the 09 season!  Keep your eyes peeled for our rumps perched on some sweet saddles this season!

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Until later, enjoy the read!


So my 2009 has started very well so far.  No lower than a second place finish in a cross race.  I am pretty happy!  This past weekend was another trip to Chattanooga for chilling and racing the Cross-a-nooga cross race out at Camp Jordan park.  Somehow I managed to ride well on saturday after a terrible week of training (tid bit cold last week if anyone recalls that) .  Following the days racing were some post race eats and fun times at Shannon’s.  Sunday morning we all made it back out to the race somehow.  It was quite a bit colder but we made do.  The course both days were tough and some of my favorite riding I had all season.  Nothing like a little bit of mud, sand, and fat tire ale to make an awesome location better.  Anyway, I won the second days racing after some bad luck on saturday that left me unable to sprint for the win with what seems to by my new arch nemesis.  No worries though.  Even though I managed to take a tumble on the pavement and have a mechanical I wanted to take the win for some people that came out to support and it was a really awesome chance to ride in front of some friends and do just that!  Cleve ducked out of being humbled in the pro race to race the masters and he completely smoked the field.  team Mygenesis.com p/b United healthcare represented well I must say!

On another note, super woman Helen hopped aboard one of the demo bikes provided by my teammate Cleve of blue.  She had a great ride (although dressed like a true Floridian out of her comfort of beach and sun) and got on the podium!  I wont take too much credit for making her fast but her flawless dismount and remount style I will take total credit for!  Really though.  She crushed it.

On a much more comical note, both Mark and Foye took benders this weekend.  Somehow Foye managed to split both his shins cutting the barriers a little close.  Impressive I must say.  Mark on the other hand gave a perfect example to those at our beginners clinic friday of how not to dismount when running the barriers and proceeded to get in a head butting contest with the barriers… he and his thumb (that got twisted up amidst the carnage) lost badly.

All in all it was an awesome weekend of racing was made complete by great people and good times and some money in the pocket.  This leads me to the important part of this post.  I wasn’t going to tell anyone until the process was a little more under way but I really don’t feel like not letting everyone know.  If all goes to plan, May will mark the official end of my time in Greenville, and the official start of living where I should have moved to begin with….THE Chattanooga.  I am planning on finishing up my schooling there and continuing on my abnormal little life in the cool little tennessian fun place!   I could use some luck and best wishes and prayers if that’s your thing.  I know I know, it doesn’t make sense to many but there are reasons far more complex than can be explained on this little update. 

As for now, I have an amazingly fresh fillet of Salmon waiting to be grilled and some work to tie up from my weekend of fun and procrastination!


Until later,


Finally I am starting to ride like I know I can, and I must say, it feels awesome This weekend I headed up to tennessee on saturday to get some cross racing in at the Columbia Cross race.  Kym had a friend from nationals, Margret, visiting so the two of them, Helen, Mark and I headed west for some cold racing action.  It was Helen’s first cross race.  Not knowing what to expect I took her out on course to show her how to ride cross without killing herself.  She suffered through her first cross race like a champ and had a blast. 
Our race was an ok field with the normals showing there faces again.  Strong man Troy, Andy and Dustin all made it out.  I took the whole shot and drove the pace for the first lap.  I had a solid warmup and felt good from the get go.  On the second lap we started putsing around and no one really wanted to work.  This was kind of a trend for the race.  At the half way point I had enough of the patty cake b.s. that was going on and put in a pretty hard effort.  I held a 10-15 second gap for a lap.  I thought things through and figured a half-hour time trial alone didn’t sound fun so I settled into a tempo and waited for someone to come up to me.  Troy did.  The negativity continued intil three laps to go when I punctured my rear wheel on the gravel road quarter of the way around the course.  I nursed it to the pit and was passed by Andy.  He immediately put as much time into me as he could.  Considering how bad my legs were throbbing from running, I shut it down and cruised in for third.  Bummed.
Sunday I headed to Adairesville, GA to race with my teammate Brady.  It was an omnuim style race weekend and he took the lead the previous day.  Myogenesis was hoping for a 1,2 finish on sunday.  I had an awesome start and had a slight gap heading into the woods on the first lap.  It was pretty thick mud in the woods and I distanced my self in the single track as best I could.  Coming out of the woods I had a solid 15 second lead on second and put in a bit effort to build on my lead on the second half of the course.  I continued to put about 5 seconds into the second place rider every lap until the final lap.  I had a bit of trouble in the woods the final time through catching my derrailer on something and finding my was to the ground with a dropped chain.  I ran a large part of the woods, got going again and made sure to keep second place out of sight.  I rolled in for the win.  Although it was a small time race, it was good to find a little bit of success this season. 
This coming week it looks a bit chilly so I may just do some workouts on the cross bike up at the Hendersonville UCI course before I head to the Chattanooga for two days of cross there.  That should mark the end of my cross season as I know it.  Who knows though.
Also, I am hoping to have some big news popping up in the near future.  Some will laugh, some will shake their heads, and many wont care at all.  Either way it’s post-worthy here!
Until later!  Keep it classy!

So the announcement has been made and in a very interesting manor.  Thanks to cyclingnews.com for the press release of Myogenesis.com p/b United Healthcare. 

here is the excerpt:

“Retired pro Doug Ollerenshaw will lead the Southeastern US regional Team Myogenesis.com presented by United HealthCare, the team announced this week. Ollerenshaw left professional cycling to attend law school at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of 2008, but will be mentoring and racing with the team. Ollerenshaw raced his final year with the Rock Racing squad after seasons with Health Net and Jelly Belly.

Also joining the elite amateur team is Ryan Sullivan from Jittery Joes, Thad Dulin, (DLP/Kane), Michael Wolf, formerly of Navigators, with Eric Murphy as director and racer. Filling out the roster are Cleve Blackwell, Oneil Samuels; Adam Ray, Sandy Rosell , Chris Ernst, Geoff Mina, Brady Rogers, Nick Housley and David Hutton.

The teams sponsors this year included Myogenesis Nutrition, United HealthCare, Blue Competition Cycles, SRAM, Louis Garneau, Maxxis, Tifosi Optics, Thompson, Industry Nine, Serfas, Northwave, Georgia Cup race series, Connect First, http://www.got19fruits4u.com, Smyrna Bicycles, Glory Cycles, and former shop sponsor to Jittery Joes, The Hub.

For full details on the team and to follow their success through the 2009 season, go to http://www.myogenesis-racing.com”

2009  is looking bright.  As for tonight, sleep is needed.  I’m off to Chickasaw tomorrow for cross racing in the cold and to support Hellen in her first ever cross race.  Sunday I am off to Barnsley Gardens in Georgia to race with Brady.  Look for some new team equipment and updates as they roll in! 

Until later, stay classy and keep warm, its a bit chilly out there.


Enough said.

This really is mark too....

This really is mark too....

Reallly though.  Amazing.  Im off to ride cyclocross bikes all weekend this weekend and NEXT weekend.  Good thing we have an “arctic” front moving in!
Until later,

Other than taking the wholeshot and riding to a podium at the race this weekend, putting in a total of 25 hours on the bike, and kicking off another crazy long week of training with two epic rides in the rain and gusting wind, not much is happening.

Pretty much I am poor, and awaiting the start of class next Wednesday by undoing the damage I did at Mark and Kym’s to my body weight.  It is not very much fun.  I can tell you that much.  It’s a good thing I am shedding the off season weight.  If I wasn’t trying to lose it I would be eating more, therefore spending more.  What can I say, it’s great timing.  Speaking of the debacle that was the cookie eating contest, I finally had some pictures pop up that are worth posting.

Other than long rides back in gville, I am getting ready to head back to Chattanooga to do some post graduation apartment shopping.  A little early I know, but whatever.  On top of that Mark and I will be putting the finishing touches on the Chattanooga cyclocross course for the two days of racing on the 24-25 of January.  If you would like more information on it let me know!  It will be an awesome course (hopefully) and having some support for the cross scene would be a HUGE help given the time we are putting into the event.  If not then we will surely have fun without you!  We would rather you be there though.

Finally, I had to give props to my little nephew NICK!  Hes in the last picture.  I am nominating him for best hair-for-a-little- turd award.  Don’t agree… So what, it’s my award so he will more than likely get it regardless of what you think, unless a rather stellar euro-mulleted little turd shows up.

As for now, I am off to interview Steve Tilford for the magazine.  Should be an interesting conversation.

Until later,


Happy New Year to everyone!


Being in Chattanooga has been an absolute blast.  Even though I have put in more hours on the bike this week than I did all month last month I feel, and witnessed a dog being plowed by a car, as well as descending a mountain on a flatting tire,  I have officially reached the highest weight I have ever weighed while racing a bicycle.  Thats not good.  I suppose it’s time to start taking stuff a little serious considering this season is a bit of an important one for my riding career. 

On a lighter and more positive note it has been awesome to see our guys in Europe running themselves into the ground racing the super-pros in the mecca of cross, Mr. McDonald podiumed at a GVA and Ryan (treefarm) Trebon and Jpowers have both put up some respectable results.  In other sad news in the cross world, Page is dealing with some crazy stuff after a missed doping control following one of the big races in europe where he crashed out.  Read his explanation here.  It sounds like some really bad luck.  Best of luck to you Jonathan.  Hope it works out.

Finally I thought I would throw out the fact that I am a beast at eating no bake cookies.  I knocked out 7 last night in the time it took Mark and Helen to eat two.  pretty much a tour de force on my part and I pretty much regreted it all night while writhing in pain in bed.  I don’t reccomend attempting such a feat if you fear for your life.  

I’m bored out of my mind and getting ready to go ride the cross bike before the RACE tomorrow.  I am super excited to ride the new bike and put it through some real efforts.  Other than that I am just passing time drinking coffee, and waiting to go sit in coach Kym’s teammate Shannon’s hottub with friends this evening.

Look for bike pictures and a post race update tomorrow. 


Until then, I hope your holidays were wonderful and your new years was less akward than mine…. I wont expand on this.  If you really want to know, feel free to ask.  Even then I may not be able to actually explain what happened.  I am scarred.

Enjoy some pictures from a great week of training.  I got  Blackberry storm for Christmas/birthday so I will actually be able to get some pictures from rides and stuff on here…  As if it matters.


So yesterday was my pointless 22nd.  On my birthday I always attempt to do some sort of epic ride to make it worth while and to really kick off the season.  Although 4.5 hours of riding in Chattanooga is borderline epic, the only thing that pushed it into the realm of epic was that I descended Lookout mountain with (as I hadn’t yet figured out) a flattening tire.  I knew it felt a little strange going 45 mph down a mountain, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it…. yah, I should be dead.

I only got to blow 21 candles out...see Mike attempting to get them?

I only got to blow 21 candles out...see Mike attempting to get them?

Last night we had a good little get together at the Fasczewski house to celebrate the birthday.  Kym and mark were obviously there, considering it was their home, as well as Mike and Sam (who are hosting the SPONSORED new years bash….) Rachel and Foye, Karen and Star.  In normal Mark fashion the cake was made only slightly inappropriate and of course we couldn’t go without the pheasant call my Rachel. 

 Today will be another awesome day as we are heading to Sequachi (don’t hold the spelling against me please) .  It’s looking like a long 5 hours so I will probably have more of a reason to eat the other half of a cake that is sitting in the kitchen right now.


Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!  Means a lot.

Ill try and get some action shots from today’s ride so I can throw them up here.  Until then.


Since my experiences with nationals this season has gotten far enough behind me to not bother me any more I can actually chat about it.  Sadly nothing went right for me completing a season where pretty much nothing went right for me, allowing for a proper label to be placed on my season that reads in bright blinking holiday letters….”the season of un-rightness”  think the obnoxious christmas light house that was on the beer commercials.  That type of bright blinking-ness.

Pretty much Thursdays fun day ended up being a crash fest on everyone’s part.  Kansas was kind enough to get cold just in time for our race and when we arrived the ground was frozen and super fast.  The kid who likes turning fast was very happy.  Then comes my race.  Luckily the previous days race decided to ruin my perfectly frozen fast course into a nice slick little muddy one, with ice under the mud.  I crashed 6 times, and still finished better than I should have.  Yay for racing the B’s race.  It’s always great crashing 4 of the 6 times over someone who just never turned and found it easier to flop to the ground in front of me to stop instead of kindly feathering the breaks to a stop or even using the course tape as a safety net.  But not, that would make everone behind them’s life easier!

The Kym’s kept me company throughout the week.  It’s always nice having my coach at races.  She has a way of understanding how I ride, and she tends to help me keep my focus.  Not to mention she seems to be everywhere out on the course which is fun.  Who knows how many times I hear, “there right there Dave” or “take off your sissy pants and start pedaling….”  thats always nice when in a group of 5 guys or so!  She got her masters podium which was awesome.  The entire race she was chasing in second with the only girl in her number series 20 second ahead.  As it turns out, several of the girls in front of her not in her number series were in her age group so she actually was sitting in 4th.  Either way.  A podium is a podium, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Un-surprisingly I didn’t have as much luck as Kym in my big race (the Elite super pro- hang on for dear life until you get lapped race) but I’m kind of alright with it.  I knew it was going to be a long day when the temprature dropped from the nice 60 degree morning temps to single digit wind chills in under an hour, and having a false start as some pro with a front row call-up rolled off the course in front of us when the gun went off.  Not naming names.  Besides getting stuck behind a guy who decided to drop his chain on the start line (already being in the 9th row) and passing someone’s wheel no longer attached to the bike, I rode a pretty good first lap staying with guys who have simply ridden away from me all season.  Sadly, my tire decided it didn’t like my wheel and ran away from it as far from the pit as humanly possible.  Nothing like 12+ hours of travel to have your race finish 2 laps in!  Oh well, theres always next year.  Here are some pictures of the guys I rode around with for laps 3 and 4 after losing more spots than I could count.  Notice the new bike I am on.  Nice new carbon cross bike courtesy of the guys at BAILEY BIKES!  Awesome set of guys who are helping a struggling college kid out!  Thanks guys!  Look for a full review when the rig comes in on Monday.  Until then, enjoy the photos and check out their site here.
In other national news, some guys (SEE ABOVE PICTURE) decided to heckle John page and it ended up being a push-around match between two hecklers, Page’s brother-in-law, and Page’s wife who ended up putting someone in a headlock.  Photo sets can be found here.  It ended pretty sadly as one of the drunk guys pushed Page’s brother-in-law into a pile of custom Richard Sachs bikes. 
Also, on the first lap it was pretty awesome to find out that John Baker and Adam Myerson got tangled up in a crash and Baker supposedly punched Myerson in the head.  Here is Myerson’s take…””I was putting my bike down on the ground and getting ready to get back on when he dropped his bike, took a few steps toward me winding up, and punched me in the head as I was turning away from him to remount. Obviously I had my helmet on and it didn’t cause any damage, but I was pretty shocked. ”  You can read the entire story here.  Also, you can find a photo set of the guy doing the pushing here.
myogenesis elite cycling team
 Lastly things didn’t fall right with a pro team I was talking with given the economic nirvana we live in today, so I will be riding with an equally awesome group of guys.
I’ll be riding for Myogenesis Elite Cycling team along side some great racers.  The roster is looking stout and racing will be a blast.  Not that I have something against juniors or anything, but it’s going to be nice being on a team of older guys with way more experience than me.  I think I will be able to learn a lot from the guys and grow substantially next season.  Keep your ears open for more news on the team as stuff gets kicked off at the turn of the year.  Until then, check out our site and take a look at the roster and sponsors!
Off to church.  Until later. 
I wonder if it’s warmer back home?

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