I am currently working with several publications as I work my way through the world of college.  Check back frequently for some publications I will be making for cyclocross magazine.  Some will be extremely boring, but for the ones I make more interesting they will be well worth the read.  Also, scroll on down to the bottom of this page and take a look at the reviews of parts and products as I ride them more.  Believe me, a lot of things are in the works to be put through the ringer.  Enjoy!


NC Grand Prix of Cyclocross Press Release: 11.21.2008– Cyclocross Magazine Online

Bishop and Schwartz Leave Fields in the Cold at NC Grand Prix of Cyclocross 11.22.2008-  Cyclocross Magazine Online

Bishop Repeats, Schwartz Wins at North Carolina Grand Prix Day 2 11.23.2008- Cyclocross Magazine online

Countdown to Nationals: Packing to Win  12.09.2008-  Cyclocross Magazine Online

Countdown to Nationals: An Interview with Jonathan Page  12.14.2008- Cyclocross Magazine Online

Eurocross Camp 2008-2009: Arriving at the Kingdom Hall 12.22.2008- Cyclocross Magazine Online

IOC Considering ‘Cross as a Winter Sport–  1.22.2009-  Cyclocross Magazine Online

Taking It In:  A Racer Becomes a Superfan–  Cyclocross Magazine Issue 5 (Pg. 61-62) Visit CX MAGAZINE or your local carrier to order.

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